Assam Pekoe Dust - PD - 1-lb.

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This is a large pack of 1-lb.|454-grams that will make about 200 to 220 cups of tea.

The Assam Pekoe Dust is a single harvest, single estate and single season tea. It is used in tea blends to bring in strong flavor, and also used in high quality teabags. If there is a good tasting black tea teabag you enjoy, the chances are there is Assam Pekoe Dust or Pekoe Fanning in that blend. Assam Pekoe Dust has strong color, intense sharp briskness and goes very well with milk. Due to its very small size, it can be hard to clean if stuck on strainers. But all the hassle is worth the taste; if you enjoy a very strong cuppa tea.

This tea is frequently used in teabag blends, ice tea blends, bubble tea, milk tea and other such tea based beverages.

Caffeinated: Yes

Ingredients: Assam CTC Black Tea - Pekoe Dust - PD - Upper Assam

Steeping Suggestion:
: 1 person = 1 cup = 237 ml / 8 fl.oz.

Tea Leaf: 2.0 grams of tea 
Water Temp: 205+ degree Fahrenheit / 96+ degree Celsius 
Steeping Time: 3-5 minutes