Posted by Saunam Bhattacharjee on 2017 Oct 26th

A new site for ATC!

Welcome to our new website!
Our previous website was designed from scratched inhouse and hosted in a dedicated server for the last 10+ years. It used to be a great interface, but about 3 years ago business hit a snag and we had to let go of people who took care of it full time, and slowly the site started showing bugs (small errors). The bugs started multiplying in both our US & Canadian websites over time (don't ask me how!) - Earlier this year I literally had to pull the plug on the US website as it had become unmanageable. I realized it was time to move on!

So here I would like to share with you what I discovered and what I chose.

Quick fix that's better than superglue!
I investigated a whole bunch of options in order to migrate the website. I wanted to make sure I don't loose most of the bells and whistles I had in the existing site. In a very short while it became apparent that I can no longer consider a stand alone server without Rodrigo (my ex web master) and can't consider customizing without Ryan (my ex designer/coder). The only option was a hosted one and I narrowed down to the three that were pretty obvious due to their tools - ShopifyBigCommerce and Volusion

I was blown away at the amount of tools and appliances that hosted ecommerce sites have today, compared to the last time I checked out hosted ecommerce sites - back in 2010! The junk codes were gone, the WYSIWYG editors are incredibly powerful, and the bells and whistles are so well organized. I had to chose based on finer points!

Powered by Bigcommerce
Yep - went with Bigcommerce because it had the most easy way for me to setup consumer and business clients with segregated pricing and discounts. I liked Shopify's interface and themes more than BigCommerce but they didn't have wholesale option without upgrading to premium plans. I dropped Volusion due to the need to buy a separate SSL from the beginning. Bigcommerce sucks due to limited free themes. Overall, Shopfiy seems like the coolest company - and their newsletter absolutely rocks for small business folks. So, if you haven't done as yet, signup for their newsletter.