Earl Grey Blends

  • Classic Bergamot

    Classic Bergamot

    The Classic Bergamot was our first Earl Grey blend, and continues to be our most popular Earl Grey. Classic Bergamot brings together two ingredients that is essential for all exceptional earl greys - freshly harvested good quality black tea from assam,...

    $1.00 - $299.67
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  • Double Cream Earl Grey

    Double Cream Earl Grey

    One of our legendary earl grey blends, the Double Cream Earl Grey has a huge fan base around the world. This earl grey blend has all the elements of a traditional earl grey, but ends with an amazing sweetish aftertaste...

    $3.41 - $1,277.72
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  • Earl Grey Cream

    Earl Grey Cream

    We take some strong full leaf assam black tea, add in a good dose of bergamot oil and a dash of non-diary cream, and what you get is pure nectar-in-a-cup! For those who enjoy their bergamot with a side of cream, this tea just might become your favorite...

    $1.00 - $314.23
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  • Earl Grey Lavender

    Earl Grey Lavender

    In our version of Earl Grey Lavender, we uses authentic French lavender flower with organic-compliant bergamot oil and freshly harvested full leaf assam black tea. This tea gives an exceptional Earl Grey experience - relaxing and rejuvenating at the...

    $1.00 - $319.47
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  • Earl Grey White

    Earl Grey White

    A simple blend of a machine-cut white tea, and some fine bergamot. This is a soft and silky textured Earl Grey for those who like light body teas.  Caffeinated: Yes Ingredients: assam white tea, assam tea flowers, lemon peels, and...

    $1.00 - $501.93
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  • Organic Earl Grey

    Organic Earl Grey

    Our Organic Earl Grey is in honor of those who drink a cuppa Earl Grey as their waker-upper. This is a stronger Earl Grey with broken leaf black tea, which gives a greater oomph in the cup than full leaf blacks. Plus the added cacao nibs gives a...

    $1.00 - $329.97
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  • Organic Earl Grey Green

    Organic Earl Grey Green

    When opposites attract, you get our Organic Earl Grey Green. We take freshly harvested organic sencha from Zhejiang province of China, and blend in some herbs and a dash of bergamot oil. You get both the benefits of a cup of green tea, and a cup of...

    $2.64 - $860.20
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  • Organic Italian Earl Grey

    Organic Italian Earl Grey

      If you are an Earl Grey aficionado, this Earl Grey should get your attention even before the first sip. The aroma is breathtaking!   An incredible blend of earthy and lemony notes, with a faint sweetish ending, and great oomph from the...

    $1.00 - $338.28
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  • Organic Mint Earl Grey

    Organic Mint Earl Grey

    For mint lovers, this blend is a delight. We have expertly mixed two kinds of mints and added a dash of bergamot oil; that's it - simple and tasty. We only use mints that are grown in the Pacific Northwest of US & Canada...

    $2.00 - $684.09
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  • Organic Rooibos Earl Grey

    Organic Rooibos Earl Grey

    Love Earl Grey but not the caffeine? Organic Rooibos Earl Grey is a caffeine-free blend that just like a black tea Earl Grey, takes milk and sugar well. Now there is no excuse to skip the cup of Earl Grey right before...

    $1.00 - $342.54
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  • The Passionate Earl

    The Passionate Earl

    This tea was designed to bring back some romance and passion to the lives of the Earl Grey lovers! The passionfruit notes are easily noticeable both in aroma and in flavor, but the Earl Grey has the dominant note. Excellent as both a hot or iced drink...

    $1.00 - $340.66
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  • Victorian Earl Grey

    Victorian Earl Grey

    Freshly harvested full leaf black tea from Assam, blended with just the right amount of succulent bergamot oil, and dressed up like royalty from the 19th century.  Caffeinated: Yes Ingredients: assam black tea, cornflower, rose petals,...

    $1.00 - $390.06
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