How We Craft Tea

Making Craft Tea

We start our tea journey in Assam, the largest tea growing region in the world, and also the home of the Camellia assamica tea plant. Today, just like for hundreds of years, tea is still plucked by hand, unlike other tea growing regions that have switched to machine plucking in order to save on labor cost. Hand picked tea is all that we sell.

From our humble origins in the tea gardens of Assam, to handcrafting teas for the finest restaurants and cafes for the last two decades, we have focused on offering high quality harvests seasonally. If we sell out - we simply wait for the next harvest. Harvest season in Assam (and most Asian tea origins) is March through November.

Freshly Made Teas

The art of tea blending has been mechanized to such and extent that chances are if you buy your tea from a big brand, they don't blend their own teas, but outsourced the manufacturing to a handful of very large tea blending facilities in Europe, US & Canada. In order to give the tea blends longer shelf lives, almost all use synthetic solvents and preservatives.

We do tea blending old style. We continue to use natural flavors made with ingredients which have to be sourced from natural origins like plants and minerals. Our natural flavors also don't have synthetic solvents and preservatives. 

Every blended tea we offer has been manually crafted daily in our manufacturing facility in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada, under the supervision of our founder and tea master, Rishi Saunam. We focus on offering you the freshest blends, using good quality freshly harvested teas and natural flavors.

A Word About Organics

In the world of tea, organic certification has been a dismal failure. The Assam region supplies about 20% of the world's tea, but since the inception of certification programs three decades ago till today, there is no organic certifying agency in Assam. Hundreds of thousands of high quality tea farms are on the brink of insolvency as they don't get the opportunity to reach the high end marketplaces.

Our founder's parents were the first tea planters in Assam to be certified organic in 2001. In 2014 Rishi Saunam got his family's second tea garden certified organic. We love organics. Assam Tea Company have operated organic certified tea blending facilities in both US & Canada since our founding. However since changes to the organic guidelines in 2018, the entire organic certification program have completely moved away from supporting small and medium size tea farmers and suppliers, to focusing on catering only to the biggest players.

We want to bring real change

Since 2019 we are no longer a certified organic processing facility. We have moved away from promoting certifications, and have instead focused on building relationships with tea planters and growers. We buy and promote the teas of those farms that grow tea without the use of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, and manufacture high quality teas.

Assam Tea Company is proud to offer 100% naturally grown teas to our clients.

We will continue educating farmers on the benefits of transitioning to synthetic-free farming. We are also helping farmers reach the North American marketplace through direct introductions and helping them build long term relationships with established tea buyers.