Our Story

My wife and I came to Canada for the first time in 2005 January to attend an international trade show in Toronto, we were living in Florida. It was -40C outside in Toronto!

I told myself that a person has to be insane to live in Canada. Three years later, we immigrated to Vancouver, and haven't had a day of regret.

Assam Tea Company is a certified-organic importer, blender and distributor of Assam black teas, along with a wide range of herbs, spices and blends. I got started in the business because my father was a tea planter in Assam, and he wanted me to sell his teas in the US. I come from a family of indigenous Assamese tea planters dating back to late 1800s. 

We are open to public online through this website, and through our warehouse store (open with appointments: 12pm - 5pm Monday - Friday). Our focus is on delivering high quality organic ingredients to customers as fresh as possible, and to blend consistantly awesome teas! Our teas and herbs are the freshest in the market, and we look to delight you with our quality.

Our small business is based in three countries. Our Assam-based business, Assam Fresh, caters to Indian consumers and supplies us with our Assam teas. Our original US business, namesake Assam Tea Company, serves our US clients, which happens to be a market 10x the size of Canada, and of course, this website serves our Canadian clients. We currently manufacture in Assam and Canada, and hoping to start manufacturing in US shortly.

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Yours in Tea,

Saunam Bhattacharjee
CEO, Assam Tea Company, Ltd.