Our Story

Assam Tea Company has been importing, blending and distributing fresh organic teas, herbs and spices since 2000, first in US and since 2008 in Canada.  We are first and foremost Assam tea specialists. We carry a wide range of Assam black teas, and we also use Assam black teas exclusively for all our black tea blends, from Mangoes  to Chestnut, and from Earl Greys to Chais.

Our blending facility is based in Burnaby, in Metro Vancouver. 

Our focus is on delivering high quality organic teas, herbs and spices to customers as fresh as possible, and to blend consistently awesome tasting teas, that keeps our customers, and our customers' customers, coming back for more! Our teas and herbs are the freshest in the market. We look to impress you with our high quality and affordable prices.

Our small business is based in three countries. Our Assam-based business, Assam Fresh, caters to Indian consumers and supplies us with our Assam teas. Our original US business, namesake Assam Tea Company, serves our US clients, and of course, this company serves our Canadian clients. We currently manufacture in Assam and Canada, and hoping to start manufacturing in US shortly.

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Yours in Tea,

Saunam Bhattacharjee
CEO, Assam Tea Company, Ltd.