Pure Green & White Teas

  • Artisanal Tezpur Green Leaf

    Artisanal Tezpur Green Leaf

    The Artisanal Tezpur Green Leaf is a steamed and pan fried full leaf green tea from the North Banks of the Brahmaputra valley in Assam. This tea comes from a medium size family farm and was hand picked and handcrafted. Like all Assams, you can easily...

    $4.07 - $1,636.76
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  • Genmaicha Rice Tea

    Genmaicha Rice Tea

    Our Genmaicha Rice Tea comes fresh from our suppliers in Japan. You will instantly taste the distinct difference between stale, low quality Genmaicha and this fresh, authentic Genmaicha. The taste is a mix of green tea, fried rice and popcorn. Who would...

    $5.59 - $2,460.92
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  • Kukicha Twig Tea

    Kukicha Twig Tea

    The Kukicha Twig Tea is made without any tea leaves! This tea is made entirely out of the tender twigs of the tea plant. It offers an intensely flavorful cup, where each sip ends with a sweetish aftertaste and a burst of aroma. This is one of our all...

    $5.19 - $2,244.00
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  • OG Assam White Fanning - FOF

    OG Assam White Fanning - FOF

    The OG Assam White Fanning is a teabag cut white tea. It has a soft and subtle flavor with a hint of vegetal and floral notes. If you are looking for an affordable white tea for cold steeping or brewing daily in large quantities for it's health benefits,...

    $2.69 - $884.00
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  • OG Purple Tea

    OG Purple Tea

    The OG Purple Tea is the most revolutionary tea in the last 100 years! This is the only tea that has Anthocyanin, a naturally occurring antioxidant that is present in blackberries, eggplants, and plums. The tea has a vegetal flavor profile normally...

    $4.81 - $2,040.00
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  • OG Smoked Bamboo Tea

    OG Smoked Bamboo Tea

    OG Smoked Bamboo Tea is the traditional tea of many tribes in the Upper Assam region. We call it "Sunga Sah" or Bamboo Tea. It's essentially a green tea because it's not fermented/oxidized. Raw tea leaves are chopped and stuffed into a bamboo, and left...

    $4.77 - $59.33
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